Day & Night

May is almost over and with june, we got not only one step closer to summer, but also to some fresh releases. The past 3 months I was mostly concentrating on the CyoT event, which has brought great feedback and plenty of inspirations, which I also like to share with you. For that am happy to give a little sneaky preview of a set of poses for "The End" (July 16th - August 5th). I know it is still a bit to go, but Mayhem and Aniki from AZOURY have just created such wonderful fitting new items, that I could not resist teasing you :o)

From day...
 ... till night
... show on their right 2 poses out of 6 to come in July for the apocalyptic themed event "The End". It is my first time there and am anxious to find out, what else it'll bring to us. More about those another time ;o)

On the left, we'll find AZOURY's newest creation, the praying mantis (1Li - mesh) with it's little hat and stick, inspired by a meet and greet Mayhem had in her garden. And just very soon, you shall have yours as it waits for you at "The Chapter Four"(TP), opening it's garden of treasures June 4th.

While little Jo keeps stretching her limbs, closely watched by Mr. Hopper, thankfully our french ladies have thought of a sun protection. Find at the "We <3 RP" (also opening June 4th), the well detailed Aristochat Headwear.  Honestly, I could have imagined another meeting of our creators with a cat, as it does have a kitty-touch.

Lined-up the further details:
Maitreya Body with JD - MyFeet Tip Toe | *Dura-Girl*53 | AZOURY Aristochat Headwear & Chromatics Ballet Heels Shoes | [ZD] MESH Off Shoulder T black sequined | GizzA - Joy Racerback Tank [Cotton] | Tee*fy Heather Ruffles High-Waist Shorts | Maitreya Panties

Pictures by ROQUAI