Come Rain Come Shine

On the journey of creativity R sails to the end.
No, no... not really ;) The End is a post apocalyptic themed Event by Seraphim taking place at Cleavage these days. Out of 23 fabulous designers, this shall be only a little preview, about what you may expect to find. For a greater sneak you might like to review this gallery.

A few more days (till July 25th), Chapter Four is taking us onto travels for summer. If you have not visited yet, hop on this lift and find as well the glorious Black Pearl by AZOURY. For the picture I was resizing the headdress and was amazed by the beauty it shines. Highly detailed but still lag friendly, even in big, the ship truly sails in all ways. Taking a closer look, the creative couple behind AZOURY, has honestly put all their love into it's creation.

So we sail into unknown waters, well prepared for the future, featuring:

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Apocalyptic Goggles @ The End 2015/07
[SWaGGa] ApocTrooper Glow @ The End 2015/07
:[P]:-Fatpack:// The Eyeris Jewelry - Chain @ The End 2015/07
Zibska - Gift - Aiah
Zibska ~ Killian - Collar @ The End 2015/07
!APHORISM! End Of Days Tunic - Beige
-DRD- TAG -  nightmare gloves @ TAG 2014/10
-DRD- medieval bracer @ ?
ODDITY Pants -TheEnd- Leather Lace [150708W] @ The End 2015/07
[ SAKIDE ] Fateful Boots Brown @ The End 2015/07

Elysium - Odense industrial lamp - ice (w. light) @ The End 2015/07

Pose "Rain 3a" for The End & Pictures by ROQUAI