#74 Desolate Isle

"Desolate Isle" (pic below), is another preview of the pose series that I will release in a couple of weeks at Enchantment. For those that have followed my work know, that I tend to create poses that will let you play with all kinds of different angles. Also I went for a flip on this one and caught Jo showing her diva side. If I may say, this pose is one of may favorites among the release and soon you'll find out why ;o)
But let's see what we took to put this melodramatic scene together. The post before mentioned already Deth row Designs (-DRD-) new roman photoscene (Secret Affair). The carriage in the back right of the picture is one of the main decor items. You'll find two scripted versions of it, one PG, the other perfectly designed for a battle field. The ruin rondel by [MF] Mesh Splendid is high detailed and a must-have for all wasted, antique decor lovers. You might wanna watch it's Li, if you resize it. 
ROQUAI for The little Mermaid - Enchantment (pv)
As we complete the setting with the outfit, you should definitely pay Hair Fair a visit. I've seen many great new hairs, while the mane errrr bangers by Analog Dog was a gift. Thou' if you have some lindens left, do not hesitate to find yourself one of the exclusives, as up to 50% gets donated to Wigs for Kids <3 The headdress "Mhedusa" is another highly detailed piece by Pure Poison and an older release of this year. Jo's fellow from the water is the rare gacha by +Half Deer+ of last arcade. I looked ages for this kraken bracer and finally got lucky, thanks to the MP. You'll find the other items listed below ;o)
-DRD- Roman,
[MF] Mesh Splendid antique rotunda, [we're CLOSED] shrub & [CC] Water Underbrush Set

Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara 3.3

Analog Dog - bangers - Hair Fair 2015 (Gift)
Pure Poison - Mhedusa Headdress and Mask
PIDIDDLE - Make-up - Forever Fresh
.Shi : REDEFINE Mask & Tree of Life Flying Leaves
MIASNOW Skin - WALKER Ambrosia - Eye MAKEUP (Orange & Purple)
Meta_Body: Meta-Birds Eyes

JOMO Female mermaid tail (Silver) - color modded
Wicca's Wardrobe - Spring Ivy Accessories
+Half-Deer+ Mermaid's Majesty - Kraken Bracer RARE

[The Forge] Plaid Bracers (Brown)

Pose & Picture by ROQUAI
- edited watersurface, else as shot -