#101 Crimson's Garden

. Crimson's Garden .
- feat. [ keke ], AZOURY & PoseFair'16 -
ROQUAI crim squad 3 (mirror pose) @ PoseFair'16

There are some things to come around and others that are in place as you read. Today opens Whimsical, a brand new fantasy event running till the 3rd of March and for which AZOURY has created the "Whim" stiletto. It comes in 3 colors and again it is for most pretty mesh feet. Another item by AZOURY is the beautiful "Damoiselle" hat is available in 4 classy colors. You'll find it at the Shiny Shabby in about 2 days. The garden accessoires by [ keke ] are the first glimpse of what is to come to The Arcade. I know, it is an early start, but I could not resist to tease you ;o) Am sure you'll see more of it around within the next few days as we'll all become more and more excited.
To speak of excitement! If you've had read my last post, you know that there will be more new poses by me. The Pose Fair 2016 is THE event for posers and their lovers and after I've skipped last year, am happy to announce ROQUAI is in game :o) The "Crimson" is a passionate series, basically for staying close to the ground. I've thought you might be missing some. Well, well ... enough of that! Happy shopping my dears!

AZOURY - Damoiselle Hat Silver 1 @ TSS
.:EMO-tions:. * WINDBLOWN 5*
(Milk Motion) transparent jumpsuit
AZOURY - Whim Shoe - Black&White @ Whim
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 - Bag

[ keke ] spring collectionflower chair RARE, zink tray w lily, watering can - zinc, white & beatle, zink trays w paper whites, wall flower - lily, tea tin sprout - 1,2 & 3, vintage tea tin - white, black & green @ The Arcade

The Shiny Shabby 2016/02/20 - 03/10
Whimsical 2016/02/18 - 03/02
PoseFair'16 2016/03/12 - 26th
The Arcade 2016/03