. Draconia .
- feat. AiShA & DRD -

You might have noticed at latest events, that there has been a pretty cool "new" designer on the grid. Amanda Mir is the name behind .AiShA. and you should definitely keep that name in mind, if you're into RP and fantasy. On pic below... 
ROQUAI Tarot Priestess 3a @ Store / MP

... we got her latest creation for The Fantasy Gacha, the "Draconia". The collection offers you a complete outfit from top till bottom and is basically available in 3 different colors plus the ultra rare in gold. The "Elven Helmet" though, is brought to us by -DRD-, which is available at the Whimsical event. There are 5 different types, including the special colored coming as the exclusive. An old gacha by -DRD- about "GOT" once made us race for those RARE animated dragons. 
.:EMO-tions:. * WINDBLOWN 5*/swedishblonde
.AiShA. Draconia Necklace Golden ULTRARARE, Arms Viserion, Bodysuit Rhaegal, Skirt Rhaegal, Legs W/HUD RARE @ TFG
*SL* Kilin Bracelet & Wristband in Gold L&R - Sweet Lies Original 1 COMMON @ Enchantment
-DRD- elven helmet - special exclusive @ Whim

-DRD- GOT moving dragon green f (RARE) @ Mainstore

Enchantment 2016/02/13 - 29th
Whimsical 2016/02/18 - 03/03
The Fantasy Gacha 2016/02/07 - 03/07