Sacre'Bleu De Guerre

. Sacre'Bleu De Guerre .
- feat. [ keke ], Moon Elixir, Zibska, Azoury, . AiShA. & DRD -

You know, sometimes it is worth a little wait before putting together a setting for a post. Am really happy that RL had put me on hold on SL duties. Otherwise the picture below would have looked completely different.
  flickr view
ROQUAI after dark

1st flew in [keke]s newest collection of "clipped prints" with a bunch of really nice nature illustrations. As am not so much the regular interieur photographer (as you know), I do enjoy the challenges Kean gives me with her items. 

2nd came in the minimal artistic "Usha" cubes and tattoo by Zibska. Am a big fan of the explosion trend we have going. Gimme cubes, spears or petals... They are all great to add motion to a scene. The cubes are of course coming with a color HUD and are more likely to be worn as some effective jewelery, but my name would not be ROQUAI, if I wouldn't give at least one item another purpose ^_^ 

... and those just happen to be the right note to go with the "Ino" shoes by Azoury and the "batons", which is part of the "VS mask" collection (gacha) by DRD. Both have been noted as new event releases in April. (The next picture also shows one of the gacha-masks.)

The clothings are designed by Moon Elixir (pic#1) and .AiShA. (pic#2). The "Chakra" (Moon Elixir) is a gacha outfit release that will give many but one option to wear. You should really look at the key! The "Laurent Dress" (by Amanda Mir) is a single mini dress available in 3 black, gold and silver. It's fall (design) gives the impression of a light breeze.

flickr view
ROQUAI arch 2 (m)

Last but not least, Jo tangled with the "Fabia" jewels and the "Claudette Liners" by Zib. Thank goodness, in the digital life it is not as difficult to draw an eyeliner than it can be in RL ^_^ Both come in a beautiful range of colors (HUD driven). Check them out below ;o)

DRD - VS masks @ TE
Zibska ~ Fabia (jewels) @ On9
Zibska ~ Usha (w. tattoo applier) @ WLRP
pic#2: Zibska ~ Claudette Liners @ T100B
pic#1: Moon Elixir - Chakra (Outfit) @ TE
pic#2: .AiShA. - Laurent Dress Black/Gold @ BFF
pic#1: AZOURY - Ino Shoe @ TSP

pic#1: [ keke ] clipped print @ TSS 
Zibska ~ Usha @ WLRP

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