Tea Time In The Garden

. Tea Time In The Garden .
- feat. DREAMS Gacha Fair -

Half time at DREAMS, which means, it is time for another review!
The fair does offer a wide range of bloomy accessories and decor, but also thought of the shape-shifters.
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Create your own fun or romantic scene as you play the gacha of *agp*, [blissiere] and [CIRCA] and or dress in style by turning yourself into a cute or even fun looking fae player when going for MOoH!, ERSCH, Tamagosenbei and [ bubble ]. All designers put much effort into their creations for the inspired blogger or fashionist(a). Fetch an overview of their keys below :o)

Did you know, the event holds a photo-contest???
There are some great cash and store prizes to be handed out. Find out more about it here!

Dreams Photo Contest

ERSCH - Flamingo Gacha 15 (secret) RARE @ DGF
[ bubble ] Daydream Faerie Wings & Wand - Bloom RARES @ DGF

MOoH! Fairy in a jar 1 RARE @ DGF
*agp* Fairy garden @ DGF
[blissiere] rain boot planter - stardust @ DGF
Tamagosenbei - Clover Variety @ DGF
[CIRCA] - "Morning Glory" Wall Trellis @ DGF
Kalopsia - Grand Bi w/ Lights

DREAMS Gacha Fair 2016/4/6 - 28th