#116 Star

. STAR .
- { Pose Lover }, DRD, Azoury, [keke], Zibska & E.V.E -

Life goes mysterious ways sometimes... The sun comes out and we talk about stars ^o^ A bit more fashion like is this release, but we shall not forget the RP fun and for that some slight changes have been made ;o)
ROQUAI's Star 1-3 @ MP
"ROQUAI's Star" is a { Pose Lover } release to celebrate all things shiny such as stunning cloths, sparkling jewels, the blossom of seasons, the sun and the stars and and and...

Roads (1/3 pv)
ROQUAI star 1

The 3 poses come copy only and have a matching full permission shape included. Though I think, these will work well with any :o)
Gloomy Sunday (2/3 pv)
ROQUAI star 2

By the way, the beautiful romantic building in the back is by DRD and available at 6th Republic. It comes with a bench also and has versions for mature and adult and styles from new till "ruined".

As a fence, we got the pencils by [keke]. They are part of a gacha at Chapter 4, which makes a lovely bureau / office set.

Eternal Sunshine (3/3 pv)
ROQUAI star 3

The majestic headwear by Azoury is a wonderful fashionable release, that seems to be part of a series. You'll find a matching flower bracelet as a gift and a beard masquerade available also. Not all at Enchantment, but who does not like to come around a bit ;o)

Before I forget, Zibska made another collection of her "Noir" eyeshadows. The mask covers it a bit too much, but you should really check it out at ULTRA! It has a great variety of styles from regular to smoky.

I do hope you'll enjoy this petite release in between.
And don't forget to share your amazing pictures! I love to see your creativity :o)

AZOURY - Jacquimot Headwear [Cream] @ Enchantment
Zibska ~ Noir Pack Vol 05** (eyes) @ ULTRA
:[P]:- Opaline - Laura Ringset, Pearl Nose Stud, Teardrop Earring, Multistring Necklace & Pearl Mask RARE

17_8f8 - New Beginnings - Geese
[ keke ] desk clutter gacha pencils 3 @ C4
striped mocha - flower lantern (HG) @ Enchantment
::Una:: Book Path @ Enchantment
DRD Gazebo post apocalypse @ 6th republic
3d trees - marsh plant
{anc} ripple. oil . & mist cloud [sungold]

{ Pose Lover } 2016/5/31st - 6/14th
Enchantment 2016/5/14 - 31st
Chapter Four 2016/5/4th - 21st
ULTRA 2016/5/15th - 6/15th
6th Republic 2016/5/6th - 20st 
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