Stand By Your Man

. Stand By Your Man .
- feat. E.V.E -
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ROQUAI Last Unicorn 5

For WLRPs birthday, owner and artist Noke Yuitza came up with one of her extraordinary creations, extending the "Dystopia" collection. The "Cyber Flower Pins" adds another piece to the story (2nd chapter, find story within links below) of the art installation at LEA24. At the moment you can still visit to see the 1st Chapter.

The cybernetic sunflowers have different models, which can be worn as attachment on the body or even placed as decoration due their low Li. The colors offer a variety of white, silver, gold and dark.

Check them and do not miss your -25% during the event. She also placed a GIFT for us ;o)
Dystopia Cyber Flower Pins Fatpack


. AVATAR Noke .

E.V.E Ethereal neck corset in black (coming soon)
E.V.E Ethereal necklace and headpiece (black)
E.V.E Dystopia Gacha bracellet (black)


We <3 RP 2016/5/4 - 30th