#124 The Ronit

. The Ronits .
- feat. E.V.E, Zibska, NAMINOKE & friends -

* As summer cools down and the night grows in hours, we think of tales and wake lost memories of creatures and their fate. And if you didn't know, one was the Ronit, a rather pale and wicked fellow with pointy ears. Its duty was, so it's been told, at nights to take care, of the mangolian apple, that blossoms just once per year. On the picture (below) you'll see the elves Ba, Ran and Ga, which were cursed as they've once forgot about the light of the day. Since then so the story continues to tell, they walk as elves by night and turn into humans by first beams of the sunlight. *
 flickr view
ROQUAI MainStore Release: ROQUAI's Ronit BaRanGa
*** limited time, SPECIAL -50%, Okt. 5th - 14th 2016 @ Store ***
- 2x3 poses (Elf: ba, ran, ga + Human: Ba, Ran, Ga) - COPY -
- HUD (w. all 6 poses) - COPY -
        ° start: Just attach > click/touch > pop-up w. menu shows °
        ° end: click/touch > choose "STOP" °
- 3 Fitting SHAPES (full permission) for the Elf, Boy & Girl Human -
Ronits - BaRanGa (pv)
. CREDITS - Elf .
RussiaPROMO - Full Mesh Avatar (Gift) @ MP
^^Swallow^^ Ears Elf HD - High Definition
.:Soul:. Uni ears Blix
E.V.E Flowers of the Golden Apple (used as crown, collar) @ TSA
Zibska ~ Iago (collar) - yet unreleased! 
E.V.E Venus Nori Algae @ TSS

. DECOR . 
DRD - Gold retreat wall art -  protection - gold @ TSA
*NAMINOKE* Sakura Petal  Pink
Bees (Mesh)
{anc} mist cloud [sungold] 

- Sep. & Okt. 2016 -


Hope you'll enjoy the work & will find inspiration within.