They Don't Care About Us

. They Don't Care About Us .
- feat. DRD, AZOURY & friends . The Arcade -

Am sure, you know, sometimes one can get affected and carried away, just like that. And when that happens, you cannot help it and you just have to go with it. This is pretty much what has happened here and am delighted, that my dear friend Alisa has joined me for this excursion.
To those, that are new on my blog, I rather spend a day setting up a scene and working on the lightning, than editing all after. Lucky us, thanks to great creators and the given possibilities inworld, one can achieve fantastic results. Oh, as more people ask, the windlight is one of my own. Yes, with a bit of time and practice, you can create stunning moods and atmospheres and have great non-edited (RAW) shots :o)

Inspired by a video of the 2Cellos, the pictures scene took me about a half day to set up, despite the time collecting newest items from the Arcade. Most of the decor are old and new creations by DRD (NEW: "The Mystery Manson 2") and {anc} (NEW: "Miniature Heaven").
Both have been doing magic! While DRD surprises with lots of hidden fun animations and giving a great head start to the spooky season - I highly recommend, taking a closer look! -, {anc} gives a sweet taste of heaven, by bringing 8 most wonderful swans to us. 
Once more, the designers have not held back sharing their passion, so lets show them some love and appreciation and get those machines burning ^o^
They Don't Care About Us (2/2)
But the Arcade has not only decor to offer. No, no! On 2nd picture, Alisa gives a little hint of what else is to be found, but that being said, else shall be left for the next post to come ;o)

. AVATAR - Jo (left) .
.Olive. the Pearl Hair - Naturals
Astralia - Wisdom Angel bracelet L & R Black
Moon Elixir - Coven - 17 - Maitreya - Choker
Moon Elixir - Coven - 16 - Maitreya - Shirt - Black
Moon Elixir - Nocturne Pants - Maitreya
Moon Elixir - Serpentine - 14 - Maitreya - Onyx Shoes

. AVATAR - Alisa (right) .
:moonamore+cureless: - Surrealisme Les Larmes Noir @ TA
:moonamore+cureless: - Surrealisme L'Aura Noir @ TA
Azoury - Rebelle Black RARE @ TA
Exile - Cold - Greyscale @ TA
Clothing items are Luxe Box exclusives, only available to group members:
Stories&Co. Tatiana Romper
ISON - luxebox cropped bomber

3. DRD MM2 Lamp big
4. DRD MM2 Birdcage
13.DRD MM2 gramophone (click for sounds)
17.DRD MM2 Toys  Haunted rocking horse
20.DRD MM2 Pile of chairs 1 & 2
21.DRD MM2 Haunted creepy clown
22.DRD MM2 Pile of dolls & hanging dolls 1 & 2
23.DRD MM2 Tito's pile of junk
25.DRD MM2 Jaimy's pile of junk
ROQUAIs Cello Bow 1 & 2 - Mesh (unreleased)
DRD Victorian Musicroom: - cello & -seating-mint
{anc} miniature/H. swan {cream} @ TA
{anc} feather chips {heaven} / FIELD (S)
{anc} picnic / swallowtailedbutterfly [turn]topaz.
{anc} happyendpark. lawn carpet (S)
Kalopsia - Flying leaves (green)
[LWL] Lavender Butterfly & Bluebells Butterfly
TBF Lily Pads & Water Lilies
*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]
{anc} forget. Swallow [nightblue]
{anc} NO LIMITS.old electric pole[moss]
Botanical - Forest Ruins Tower

ROQUAI lostboy 4 TD

The Arcade 2016/09