#128 Sparrow

- Valentine 2017 -

A special release for a very special day :o)
Meet the SPARROW!
Inspired by the love and hate, the Yay!s and the frustrations,
the V-day can bring.

ROQUAI's Sparrow comes with 3 +1 poses as an unisex set and is the 1st bento active release of the store. There is the AIO and the singles available.

a ground lay, a stand and a sit
The sit comes in two variations, to have it look right for him and her.

DEMO & poses @ Store
+ sit on round grass +
+ switch by vendor +
Marketplace -

Hands | Wings
Learn about ROQUAI's bento symbols here!

Designers Choice
[ATOMIC] Angel wings
Further down some examples by my great bloggers w. other hands and wings.

A Word: After reviewing the available different bento hands and trying for hours with each, I decided to go for the TUTY. The HUD might be less advanced than those by others, but the hands are anatomically the more correct ones with a nice soft round touch. A good hand model is essential for a good pose. By taking a closer look at the available hands, you'll notice that fingers and thumbs look much different. Posers do also have to deal with (at least 4) missing bones. The amature bento angel gives only the fingers, but not the back of the hand which makes it basically impossible to form a bowl with a hand.

Very popular are the hands by Vista and ROQUAI poses will work with them, but will be less precise.

Oh and: Poke your skinner, to make appliers for your hands!
Edit: You might need also this OMEGA ;)

Find here TUTY's Dev. Kit up on marketplace for free.

Credits on Pics
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I do hope you'll enjoy playing with the poses and will not forget to share your pictures on ROQUAI's Flickr Group :o)

Love is in the air

Singapore's Majestic Garden by the Bay