Giant In My Heart Take Me To Church

. Giant In My Heart Take Me To Church .
- feat. NAMINOKE, Zibska, Moon Elixir, AZOURY, [keke], E.V.E, friends & Enchantment .

A tribute to the designers and creators over at Enchantment, who had a ruff start with Cinderella due some sim issues, but for all those that missed the announcement, the event round is going to be extended. So hop hop, get your slippers on and grab some of those truly enchanting items!
ROQUAI (unreleased)

All with no "@" note are to be found at Enchantment.

*N* SnowDrop Brown & Veil @ Whim
Zibska Ualtar @ L'H [RGG]
Zibska Vandal Blush @ PP
Zibska Rival
[Aleutia] Kiki Top (Maitreya) @ FetF
Moon Elixir Dreamy Panties @ KP

*SL* Cinderella Mouse - Sweet Lies Original 4 & 5 COMMON
Aphrodite Happily everafter, magic butterfly & Fairytale drip cake 2
*LODE* Head Accessory - Bleeding Hearts [red hearts]
[ keke ] refurbished spring drawer @ D(c)
[ keke ] waterfall glitter @ Store
TLG Cinderella Birdcage Music Box & To Whom It Fits Music Box
[P] Magical Night: Mannequin
E.V.E Petals and Hearts Paths Petals Path B-I
E.V.E In the Lap of Elegance Apple Flowers @ C4
[NC] Cinderella Pumpkin Chair & Wood Spirit Crown

. EVENT / LINKS 2017/02 & 03 .
L'Homme Readers GG @ ZIBSKA till April