#131 Crimson.Bushes.v2


- Spring Release -

Can you feel it? Can you hear it? Yesh, SPRING is finally here and it is about time! And while Joanna and me are mostly busy with turning one year older these days, there shall be a wish full-filled. On the request of many and to celebrate the first colours of the season, ROQUAI has prepared the re-make-release of the CRIMSON.BUSHES from last years PoseFair, but also has enhanced their look with MATERIALS and added a TEXTURE HUD with brand new colours.

There are 4 single colour packs:
Crimson.Bush.LOR v2

 Crimson.Bush.FAE v2

Crimson.Bush.CANDY v2

 Crimson.Bush.SONG v2

... and the 2 doubles:
Crimson.Bush.LorFae v2
(on MarketPlace)

Crimson.Bush.CandySong v2
(on MarketPlace)

While the 6 come as copy only versions, they have a resizer included.
Find them at the MainStore along with a rezzed DEMO.
Check the backyard ;o)

As you might wonder:
The planter underneath is just for the delivery. Bushes are not linked to it.
There is also a simple shadow included, for those that find need of it. 

I hope they will bring lots of joy to you. But, but, but... there is even more.
Come follow me to the next page & find their matching GroundCovers :o)


Psst... The Crimson.Bush.Snow#1.v2 for GroupMembers only!

The v1 was a with trunk and non material enabled limited version
exclusive for the PoseFair'16. So yes, this is just a round leafy ball.