Jamie's Words

. Jamie's Words .

- feat. NAMINOKE, Zibska, Moon Elixir, .AiShA., Azoury, [ keke ] -

While early spring is no hunting season, one may still go and practice their skills. For that AiShA created a wonderful longbow and ranger outfit as a gacha, which works just great with those smexy heels by Azoury. [keke] and Zibska are all in for the first sights of spring. Find a really pretty bloomy accessoires for the body and a flower decor release of them.
ROQUAI's moon 2 @ MP & IW
To round up the outfit, there are these eye-masks by NAMINOKE. It was a release earlier this year, so you should find it now in the store as well as the bodychain by MoonElixir ;o)
ROQUAI's galleon 3 @ MP & IW

.:EMO-tions:. * KEISHA *
*N* Love-in-idleness @ store
Zibska Idunnr @ OA
Moon Elixir Dreamy Pearl Bodychain @ store
.AiShA. Ranger Gacha Quiver, Short, Ranger Longbow @ LB
AZOURY Jemima Thigh-high boots [Brown] @ ST

[ keke ] wild croci galore @ L&F

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