ROQUAI prowler stairs 1-3

I stand in the space
between darkness and light,
between thinking and doing
emboldened by hate;
I lurk in the place
where the soul perceives fright,
a dread demon, persuing
down hallways of fate.

I see you alone
with your frozen-wide stare
caught in the thin glow
of one candle flame;
mere flesh and bone
and with fright-bristled hair...
I wait at your window,
I whisper your name.

ROQUAI prowler stairs 1

ROQUAI prowler stairs 2

ROQUAI prowler stairs 3

Description: 3 slightly different static poses, which let you prowl up stairs.

Poem: Sara L. Russell (2007/08/15)
Pictures: ROQUAI
Pose: ROQUAI - prowler stairs 1-3
Release: 2013/09/24