ROQUAI integument (back)

Sonnet 002: The Zenith Tempers Warmth in Hueful Mist

1 The zenith tempers warmth in hueful mist,
2 Of indigo splatters and crimson beams;
3 Wisps go flickering, zone of blossoms twist,
4 For art carnival of aesthetic creams.

5 Thee heart’s a-beating drunken symphony,
6 Conjures pure, shrill pounding acappella;
7 Cognating pulse on graceful melody,
8 An ensemble of forceful orchestra.

9 Thy sway tickles all dead integument,
10 Pressure’s on accord, feeble limbs awake;
11 Impulse enlivens every element,
12 An ecstatic cradle in every flake.

13 Nestle me lambent gal, don’t leave me be,
14 Thee orbs thou have enslaved wish not be free.

ROQUAI integument (front)

Description: A static female couples pose with many faces to interpret.

Sonnet: Larry Potter © May 2011
Pictures: ROQUAI
Pose: ROQUAI - integument
Released: 2013/10/05