#6 ROQUAI's WICKED 7 (Halloween Pose-Pack) released!

"The Wicked 7" ~ HALLOWEEN Pack 2013 is out!

ROQUAI's Wicked 7

Tunes: ~ Angel's Lullaby ~

It contains 7 static, creepy, fun, horroble, spooky, holy, wicked poses:

"the Holy"

ROQUAI's Wicked 7 ~ the holy

Description: The classy nun, standing up against the evil. Will her prayers be heard?

"the Hunted"

ROQUAI's Wicked 7 ~ the hunted (1)

ROQUAI's Wicked 7 ~ the hunted (2)

Description: This poor girl must have had a bad day or shall we better say a nice dinner? Leaning forward on weak legs, her hands streched out reaching for...?

"the Hunter"

ROQUAI's Wicked 7 ~ the hunter

Description: What part she will take in the story, we'll see as she sneaks around, holding up her axe (MESH, included, c | m).

"the Kid"

ROQUAI's Wicked 7 ~ the kid (1)

ROQUAI's Wicked 7 ~ the kid (2)

Description: We shall not miss the little ones in our story. Frightened it sits against the wall. What could possibly scare it that much, that it seem to start crawling into the wall? (Pack contains an extra pose for adult size.)

"the Possessed"

ROQUAI's Wicked 7 ~ the possessed

Description: Some may say to be possessed is nothing bad. What do you think as you look at the odd bended limbs?

"the Silence"

ROQUAI's Wicked 7 ~ the silence

Description: You know the feeling, when you would like to scream just very loud, but nothing comes out, but in your head you hear it as 1000 bursting cristals?

"the Unborn"

ROQUAI the unborn (Wicked 7 / preview)

Description: Like a creepy spider he "walks" through the room. Searching, smelling, ...

I hope you'll enjoy this years HALLOWEEN Pose-Pack!
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Please note, the faces where animated by a HUD that is NOT included in the pose-pack. Look up the MP, there are some pretty cool ones for free available!

Pictures: ROQUAI
Pose: ROQUAI - The Wicked 7
Released: 2013/10/12