#17 The 3 Bat-Dolls: No See, No Hear, No Speak (v.2)

"ROQUAI's Bat-Doll - No Hear No Speak No See" is made to fit the COCO BJD Mesh Avatar by cocoro Lemon and the *!dM deviousMind "Harpyia"* wings. It is Version 2 of the "No Hear No Speak No See".

ROQUAI Bat-Doll No Hear No See No Speak

The 3 poses in a close-up and a full-body-shot:

"ROQUAI Bat-Doll No Hear" is a floaty pose with the hands covering the ears.

ROQUAI Bat-Doll No Hear 1
(Edited a gab of feathers, left elbow. Couldn't be avoided when the pose was created.)

ROQUAI Bat-Doll No Hear 2

"ROQUAI Bat-Doll No See" is a ground-sit pose. Almost like a peacock, it lets you the Harpyia-Wings spread around the head as the eyes curiously peak through the fingers.

ROQUAI Bat-Doll No See 1

ROQUAI Bat-Doll No See 2

"ROQUAI Bat-Doll No Speak" is another hovering pose of the threesome. One arm spreading wide, the other leading the hand to a Psst! on the mouth.

ROQUAI Bat-Doll No Speak 1

ROQUAI Bat-Doll No Speak 2

Some spontaneous art-work by me where you still can see the gab of the "No Hear" pose ;o)

No Wings...


Pictures: ROQUAI
Models: Alisa Perne, Catchafire Shilova, Ci - With many thanks!
Pose: ROQUAI's Bat-Doll - No Hear No Speak No See
Released: 2014/02/28