#18 Spring Kiss *March Group-Gift*

Hop, hop come and kiss the spring! Birds are chirping, flowers are about to show of their first blossoms... Isn't it a great time and don't you feel like hugging and kissing everyone? Well, I surely do after the long time of darkness.

Welcome my first spring with you! I thought about a artsy romantic fun couple pose for you, which I'll hope you'll enjoy using many times.

ROQUAI "Spring Kiss" (March Group-Gift 2014)

"Spring Kiss" is based on a yoga pose. Thankfully Joanna and Ci have been in a good shape and were so polite to assist me on these shots, which we took at Annwn Willows.

ROQUAI "Spring Kiss" (March Group-Gift 2014)

Looking forward to see your first spring kisses!


Music that inspired me:

Note: Set contains the matching shapes for the perfect fitting.

Pictures: ROQUAI
Pose: ROQUAI Spring Kiss *Mar. GIFT 2014*
Released: 2014/03/21