#19 Pose Fair 2014: Les fleurs printanieres

The "ROQUAI les fleurs printanieres (Pose Fair 2014)" is the 1st special release for this years Pose Fair.

The concept follows the idea, to create a set of mixed poses presenting the spring, while not only working with (some of) the visualization of the characteristics of the picked examples, but as well to offer and present a wide range of fields within photography usage (like fashion, arts, daily life and even sports). It was a great challenge, I gave to myself and am excited to finally present the result to you.

Music I listened to while working on this project:

We got 6 static single poses (3 for human female, 3 for COCO DOLL male) within this set of poses, which will be only available at the Pose Fair as a big pack with a very exclusive offer for you.

ROQUAI les fleurs printanieres - Pose Fair 2014 (EXCLUSIVE)

We take a closer look upon our flowers and crawlers:

"ROQUAI Spring 1 (m) - The Canary (Doll)", a fashion like sit-pose.

ROQUAI Canary (1/2) - Pose Fair 2014

To me the canary is a little cheeky bird, that loves to show off it's beauty in a bit, lets say in a "hysterical cute and odd" way.

ROQUAI Canary (2/2) - Pose Fair 2014

Might it be it's little size forcing it to gain attention or else, I dunno, but it made me think of this pose.

"ROQUAI Spring 1 - The Pink Panther", a stand- and lay-pose.

ROQUAI Pink Panther (1/3) - Pose Fair 2014

Actually, this plant shows it's blossoms mostly in summer, but we know the panther itself got an important season in spring and for that I found the play between animal and plant quiet amusing.

ROQUAI Pink Panther (2/2) - Pose Fair 2014

For this pose, I concentrated on the playful elegance of the cat and the subliminal offensive way the flower presents itself to it's surroundings in my point of view.

ROQUAI Pink Panther (2/3) - Pose Fair 2014

"ROQUAI Spring 2 (m) - The Cricket (Doll)", another sit-pose.

ROQUAI in between Pose Fair 2014 days

Did you know there are about 900 known kinds of different cricket species? Or that they eat their own dead when there are no other sources of food available, and exhibit predatorial behavior upon weakened, crippled crickets? I didn't.

ROQUAI Cricket (1/2) - Pose Fair 2014

While there is plenty interesting stuff to read about them, I again concentrated more on the hard to determine feeling this insect gives me. Somehow it invokes in me fascination, mixed with an up-crawling disgust. (Just being honest.) Poor little fellow.

"ROQUAI Spring 2 - The Dandelion", a stand-pose.

ROQUAI Dandelion (1/1) - Pose Fair 2014

Many names this flower has and not all are nice, while it proved in the past to be useful in many ways (gardening, food, medicine, child-plays, etc.). A tough little plant, I call it, which should not be underestimated.

"ROQUAI Spring 3 (m) - The Mantis (Doll)", a artistic yoga like stand-pose.

ROQUAI Mantis (1/3) - Pose Fair 2014

As well known as the "praying mantis", it got it's name because of the typical "prayer-like" posture with folded fore-limbs and predatory habits.

ROQUAI Mantis (2/3) - Pose Fair 2014

Known as a master of the hunters, I felt like visualizing the beauty of its movements and skills in this pose.

ROQUAI Mantis (3/3) - Pose Fair 2014

"ROQUAI Spring 3 - The Misteltoe", a stand-pose.

ROQUAI Misteltoe (1/3) - Pose Fair 2014

There perhaps is no other plant, that has such contradictory "meanings" to us as the mistletoe. Most of the year, it is seen as a parasite but at christmas all changes, as it's been traditionally used as the best excuse for a kiss.

ROQUAI Misteltoe (2/3) - Pose Fair 2014

I was wondering how that plant must feel and I hope to have worked it out well enough, what came to my mind.

ROQUAI Misteltoe (3/3) - Pose Fair 2014

Please note: As the poses are carefully crafted, different shapes than provided cannot give a guarantee for the perfect look and change the appearance of the poses.

Again all poses are copy only!

Well, well.... this was quiet a bit of information, but I hope you had fun learning more about the poses and from where the inspiration came. All pictures are RAW-shots at it's highest quality and show you exactly what you will get. The props seen on the pictures, I couldn't include as a matter of respect to the copyright terms of their creators.

Fun shots and a cheerful spring!


Pictures: ROQUAI
Model: Joanna and Ci with many thanks!
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Released: 2014/04/17