Half Time at Pose Fair

As the header says, we are about half way through the Pose Fair and I thought to give you guys a little resumé of mine and thoughts AND I had an idea, but you must read through the post, to find out about it ;o)

How I got to the fair?
As am a newcomer to all these events of course, two very close friends told me about and got me into it. THANK you guys!

How I prepared?
I first made my thoughts about the exclusive poses. I wanted to create two packs, that got a bit of everything and for everyone, while giving a wide range of option in their usage and hooooopefully supporting your creativity. Not sure I managed all points, but the result you might already know and if not, then have a look here: Pack 1 and Pack 2.
While working on the poses, my head already rumbled about the booth. Quick the idea of the kind of steampunk circus theme came to me.

Here some quick pictures of my final booth at the fair (<- surl):

ROQUAI @ Pose Fair 2014 (1/4) - Thank You!

ROQUAI @ Pose Fair 2014 (2/4) - Thank You!

ROQUAI @ Pose Fair 2014 (3/4) - Thank You!

ROQUAI @ Pose Fair 2014 (4/4) - Thank You!

1/2-Time Resumé?
As fair opened easter weekend and RL took me in, I wasn't able to be around for the opening and first days, but when I got back, I truly got blown away. While I was so very nervous all the weeks before, if you'd like my preparations or not, I then had no longer to wonder. You presented me a kick of start and as well the days till now. Am overwhelmed! And truly have not expected that much feedback at all.

And that leads me to my thought I had the other day.

I recognized that many of you bought both exclusive packs and a few have started to take pictures of them. It might be the weather or me turning nuts perhaps, but listen up now:

All that have purchased BOTH Exclusives of mine at the Pose Fair 2014 till the end of the event AND will at least post one PICTURE* about EACH of the sets here at FLICKR till MAY 31st, will get a very special gift by me!

*The pictures have three rules:
1. They must show enough of the pose to be recognized! 
2. Add "ROQUAI" under people (flickr description)!
3. Have the keyword "Thank you!" in the name of the picture!
Using Photoshop or not, is up to you.

You might say: Why shall I spend all my lindens and time for something I don't even know about?
It is up to you and there is nothing much to risk, but having some fun and even be sure about to get my very first creation of my new theme-project for free ;o)

BUT to be able to deliver the gift to you, I will need a NOTECARD of you holding the information:

1. Your avatar name.
2. The two links of your pictures at Flickr.
Notecard must be send to ROQUAI Resident!

Hope all was well described :o)
Otherwise leave a comment below the above shown pictures at flickr.

Looking forward to see your work and to receive your cards!
Naughty Greetings