#20 Pose Fair 2014: La lune et les étoiles & les enfants des etoiles

The "ROQUAI la lune et les étoiles (Pose Fair 2014)" is the 2nd pose-pack, a special bundle-release only available at the Pose Fair 2014, that as well contains the Toddledoo series "ROQUAI enfants des etoiles".

In the previous post "A little Making-Off: Les enfants at Pose Fair 2014", I already gave a few hints what this set will be about and promised to get more into the details, which I'll do now.

Music I listened to while working on this project:

This pose-pack definitely is one of my biggest set, containing couples and single poses so as some props to play around with. With this set, I wanted to create poses, that visualize the strong emotions around the loving feel with all it's facets without falling into the usual clichés. Get your own impression, if I managed the challenge or not, while we take a closer look:

In part 1 of the bundle, we got 5 static couple-poses, which were made for the medium and large shapes. With some adjustments they will work for mixed couples, but as well for non mixed.

"ROQUAI la lune et les étoiles (Pose Fair 2014)"

ROQUAI la lune et les etoiles - Pose Fair 2014 (EXCLUSIVE)

"ROQUAI full moon", a ground couple-sit pose.

ROQUAI full moon - Pose Fair 2014

"ROQUAI moon wonderer", a ground couple-sit-stand pose.

ROQUAI moon wonderer (1/3) - Pose Fair 2014

ROQUAI moon wonderer (3/3) - Pose Fair 2014

"ROQUAI star counter", a couple pose with a lay and stand.

ROQUAI star counter (1/3) - Pose Fair 2014

ROQUAI star counter (2/3) - Pose Fair 2014

"ROQUAI starlight", a ground couple-sit-stand pose.

ROQUAI starlight - Pose Fair 2014

"ROQUAI moon walker", a ground couple-sit-stand pose.

ROQUAI moonwalker - Pose Fair 2014

I've thought about to say more about each pose and my thoughts behind them, but decided to not do so as it could influence you even more than wanted. Besides I really do enjoy seeing your interpretations ;o)

Part 2 of the bundle are 3 Toddleedoo single poses.

"ROQUAI enfants des etoiles":

ROQUAI enfants des etoiles - Pose Fair 2014 (EXCLUSIVE)

These three poses are mend to complete the scenes above. They totally can change the atmosphere of your settings. Try yourself, play around! ;o)

"ROQUAI etoiles starlette 1", stand-pose.

ROQUAI etoiles starlette 1 (2/4) - Pose Fair 2014

Comes with a star and a sound-text-gesture, playing you the "twinkle little star" song, sung by a little kid about the age of a toddler.

"ROQUAI etoiles starlette 2", stand-pose.

ROQUAI etoiles starlette 2 (3/4) - Pose Fair 2014

"ROQUAI etoiles starlette 3", ground-pose.

ROQUAI etoiles starlette 3 (4/4) - Pose Fair 2014

The EXTRAS summed up are:
5 stars to wear with light(seen on "star counter" & "etoiles starlette 1")
ROQUAI Papyrus (seen on "star counter")
ROQUAI Writing on Papyrus (seen on "star counter")
ROQUAI Bunch of Stars (seen on "star counter")
ROQUAI "Twinkle Little Star" (Gesture-Song) (seen on "etoiles starlette 1")

*The stars come in 2 x 2 versions. One for you in copy and another to transfer to your shooting-partner. Both kinds have a on/off script, that works on either channel "/1 on/off" or "/2 on/off".

Again all poses are copy only!
The balls themselves are copy & modify for easier handling.
Props are modify and copy or transfer only.

Be reminded, as the poses are carefully crafted, different shapes than provided cannot give a guarantee for the perfect look and will change the appearance of the poses. For the Todds it is the original Baby Toddleedoo.

Sparkling shoots!


Pictures: ROQUAI
Models: Pale, Erity, Joanna & Ci on the couples, Catchafire Shilova, DonAmbio, ROQUAI as Todds with many thanks!
surl to Pose: ROQUAI la lune et les étoiles (Pose Fair 2014) (April 19th @ Noon!)
Released: 2014/04/17