#32 Gecko Lamp 1-6

When I was visiting my friend Catcha's place, showing her my newest achievement (a cute lizard avatar), she had some lightbulbs set up and immediately the idea hit me. So this time we go for a bit different set.

"Gecko Lamp 1-6" are poses created first hand for the gecko mesh avatar by Jeet Kling, [avatarium]. His gecko, which is available in different colors, works well with any AO and is most cute to watch.

ROQUAI Gecko 1-6  !SOON!

To insure you get a head-start on the poses created, they come in a set with a scripted propeller lightbulb (5 colors available). The prop is mesh and very low in it's Li. You can either rez and sit on it or just wear on your center to drive it with the included HUD for more freedom and vehicle usage. The choice is yours!

ROQUAI Gecko Lamps for "Gecko 1-6"

But there is even more! ^_^

While you can go crazy cute with the lizard, some might just have other plans. For that, each set as well contains a bigger lamp and HUD for your human adventures.

Both lamps contain 6 static poses, are copy and mod for better fitting, while included poses are copy only. The mesh lamp varies between 3 and 4 prim Li, depending on it's size.

I hope, you'll enjoy this set as much as I had fun creating it and will share your pictures with the group. There are many options how to use it and am looking forward to meet your ideas!

Of course there are a very few limited 50% versions available on MP!

Yours R.


Pictures: ROQUAI
Model: ROQUAI with Gecko Avatar by Jeet Kling, [avatarium]
Pose: ROQUAI Gecko 1-6 in blue, red, green, copper & lilac - You can try human version IW before you buy!
Released: 2015/02/03