#33 VALENTINES Tree 2015

It's the time of the year again, when all is about LOVE!
When I thought about creating this years Valentines Set, I was thinking, that this day has two sides. One where you are most happy and excited finding just the right add for your V-Day decor or the other, where you just think "Gawd, not again!" ;o) So for all that are not quiet sure, if it will be one or the other way, here is the "Valentine Tree" for you:

ROQUAI Valentine 2015

"ROQUAI Valentine Tree 2015" is made out of mesh items only, has two parts as you rez and has 21 on Li.  You'll find the treestump set to copy/mod, so you can change it's color or texture to your needs and the hearts, ivy and poses are set to copy.

The setup contains 4 static poses driven by menu and can be used by 2 persons (Hearts / Ivy):

ROQUAI branch vtree
ROQUAI hearts vtree
ROQUAI tree vtree
ROQUAI letter vtree

The item comes in a wearable heart balloon, you'll need to "fetch" quickly or it'll "fly away".
The catch pose is included as an extra pose inside the pack, too. Summed up we then got 5 poses in this set ;o) - The balloon is available as a Group-Gift IW, too!

ROQUAI Valentine Balloon *Group-Gift*

The ivy and balloons have some shimmer/sparkle effect.
It will depend on your view how well it be seen.

Oh, almost forgot..... Group-Members will receive a 69% refund, if bought IW

Please, if you got it by MP, rate it!

A beloved time! ♥


Pictures: ROQUAI
Models: Joanna Corith
MP: ROQUAI Valentine Tree 2015
Released: 2015/02/07