#34 HeLa & ROQUAI - Blinded Hurt

"Blinded Hurt"

A collaboration with He La.

#H&R#Blinded Hurt

He La presents once more her talent in designing and created a carpet (4Li), an altar (13Li) and some very unique arrows (4Li, resize scripted) in mesh.

While ROQUAI is more into poses, he created 10 for the carpet. You'll find those not only as extra singles, but have them set up in the carpet going as 6 couples:

ROQUAI HeLa Blinded Hurt - disclosure
disclosure & soliloquy m

ROQUAI HeLa Blinded Hurt - definite
definite & comprehend

ROQUAI HeLa Blinded Hurt - definite 2
definite 2 & comprehend 2

ROQUAI HeLa Blinded Hurt - shoot

shoot & definite 2

ROQUAI HeLa Blinded Hurt - soliloquy
soliloquy & soliloquy m

ROQUAI HeLa Blinded Hurt - transition
transition & transition m

*** Carpet Instructions:
You sit on the carpet and a menu pops up offering the options to switch through the couples, set security (all, owner, group), adjust & save positions and one for items, which will offer a folder with the arrows and a bloodspot.

*** Permissions: Altar, carpet & bloodspot are copy/mod, arrows are copy only but have a resize script inside.
All poses are copy only!

- Inspired by the song BLIND of the band HURTS -

May the best survive! ;o)


Pictures: ROQUAI & HeLa
Items: HeLa
DEMO: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/zExposure/158/166/22
MP: Not yet! Available at DEMO destination - Special opening price for a limited time!
Released: 2015/02/20