#48 Easter Bunny A & B

Almost too quick the bunnies hopped by, but that does not mean, the fun has to end!
After the release of the single poses IW, here now comes the final in two sets for the market:

ROQUAI Easter Bunny A (1-4)

ROQUAI Easter Bunny - A

"A" was designed to go with the female human medium size shape. If you are curious to try others, you can do so at the store IW (green pose stand).

Psst! The headpiece Joanna wears is the ultra rare gacha "Lady Gaia" by . aisling . Wonderful piece, that had it's release 2014/02. I wasn't lucky at the machines, but a dear friend surprised me with it some time later. Thank you for it!

ROQUAI Easter Bunny B (1-4)

ROQUAI Easter Bunny - B

"B" is the version for the bunny mesh avatar by *COCO* (bunny is available as a group gift). These poses have not been tested with similar avatars, but again, you can always hop over to the store.

Each set has in addition 3 eggs (wearable with pose, c/m) included.

In total there are 8 +1 poses to complete the series. The +1 is the 5th pose for the bunny and available a limited time only IW for group members.

ROQUAI Easter Bunny 5b *GIFT*
"ROQUAI Easter Bunny 5b *GIFT*" (w/ egg)

I wish you bunches of fun playing with these and look forward to meet your creativity!

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RELEASE 2015/04/04