#51 CyoT - Tarot Magician #1

CyoT & ROQUAI - Tarot MAGE #1
"ROQUAI Tarot Magician 1"
(shape included)

*COCO*_Doll_Body Female & Ear (Elf) & *DC*_Head(Non-Rigged)_Emily

#He La# Exodus Hat
Tee*fy Heather Ruffles High-Waist Shorts  Sunny
#He La# unreleased Top

PROPS & DECOR featured
{anc} Magician's honey drink *for CyoT April* (rez and wearable) | C L A Vv. Mechanical Bulbs Insects *for TAG! Gacha April* (Honey Bee RARE & Ants GACHA) | LWL Insect Collection

Picture: ROQUAI
Card Design: ROQUAI
Release: CyoT April 15th 2015

With a special thank you to Aki and Pierre for those wonderful items. Again, both designers show their talent and bring high-detailed NEWS for us to play with in April 2015! Follow the links above and stay up to date with their releases :o)