#86 KALDERA 1-4 (Group Gift)


Something new for the fashion lover, the Kaldera series of 4 (+1) new poses. The pictures below giving a preview. Of course I shall not forget to mention the newest releases by my colleagues.
ROQUAI kaldera 1 (pv)
Inspired by a picture of Mich Michabo, she does wonderful photos, the "Little Sparrow" image came quickly into my head, knowing about AZOURY's newest headwear, the "Yakov" helmet for We <3 RP. The helmet became my key element flowing throughout the series.  I've found it simply beautiful and inspiring. While pictures show only the bone version, it also is available in a black leather look. Perhaps one should mention, AZOURY got a new resize script inside. It is easy to adjust with a few clicks and a small tilt.
ROQUAI kaldera 2 (pv)
"Zen Breakfast" does a travel into the surreal world. Aki's "I'm planet" collection are basically an invite, I cannot decline. Moons come in couples with a wear and a rez (2Li) version. They got poses/animations inside and let you modify textures and else by menu. Am not sure, but I think they are now available at his IW mainshop, now. The kraken is also an older rare Gacha created by +Half Deer+. Sneaky it sucks firmly on a moon here.
ROQUAI kaldera 3 (pv)
One might now say, "Oh, but that's the one pose we just had!", but no, no, no... The head does not go straight and legs are in different positions, too. You don't believe me? Well, you can hop IW and see for yourself :o) Before, I hope though, you'll let me finish telling you that the bracers are by . aisling . from the "Arius Queen" collection, an item that got thrown at me and I cannot tell the event it was made for. Am sure you're smart and will find out. Else, Joanna is wearing the "Olympus - Ares" skirt by Storybook, the "Star Anklet" in gold by LE FORME (slink high, shown on Maitreya) and from intense RP days, the "Hudish Bow Sheath" by [GTS]. Sadly last is no mod and its colours are bright, else it is a really nice steady weapon for hunters or fighters on the grid.
ROQUAI kaldera 4 (+1), Group Gift (pv)
Final but not last or perhaps last... "Time Has Come", showing pose 4, which comes in two similar versions with only slight adjustments of limbs to let you shoot dressed or even naked ;o) One for MP and the other being available IW. Ok, now let me think whom I wanted to wow with that image... Yeah, you! The Arcade has gone into a new round and now look closely at all that cool stuff brought to us. I had so much fun putting together this scene, that I went off creating above presented poses. And let me tell you how great these items are.... So great, that I did not even slightly edit this shot, but adding some grain. The scene is based on the -DRD- Mystery Mansion collection (32 pieces). Some items have sound and animations to pose. All are gracefully designed and will bring great dusty haunted decor to your home. Psst! Those items with webs on can be easy modified to go without ;o) and below are the shown items listed. In addition to complete my abandoned scene, I hunted down some stuff from iBi (8f8), the "Storyseller's Burrow". It is a not so dusty collection, but who wants to sneeze all the time, right? ^_^ - ^_^ reminds me of another must-have-checked-item of the Arcade. -Pixicat- lives up to her name (hope it's said right) as she brings into SL the "Bastet. Sphynx Cats". Am not so much of the over-breed race in RL, but if you're a fashion photographer in SL, I can only strongly recommend to get yourself those cats. In future posts, I for sure will use them and well, look how cute they can be...... EDIT: Oh oh... dare me! I was in such a hurry, when setting this post up, I forgot to give a few words about the cloths I wear. We know her by Valentina E. and she does some remarkable fashion. She does not really follow a line, but rather what she seems to like. Her growing shop has to offer some sweets you should check once in a while. Also the scene on the picture above, got a bit dark to show the well textured pieces and so I decided to replace the recent picture (pic links to flickr) with a greater version.

- pictures 2 & 3 -

AZOURY - Helmet - Yakov - (Bone) @ We <3 RP
. aisling . Arius Queen: -Bra-, -Arms-
Storybook - Olympus - Skirt - Ares
LE FORME Doreah Star Anklet Gold
[GTS] Hudish Bow Sheath

+Half-Deer+ Mermaid's Majesty - Kraken Bracer RARE
{anc} I'm planet: fish puddle, wrapped & melt moon 
{anc} mist cloud & nebra beads [sungold]

- pictures 1 & 4 -

AZOURY - Helmet - Yakov - (Bone) @ We <3 RP
:V.e. Bloused Sleeve Jacket (DEMO version)
:V.e. Prudence Long Velvet Skirt
:V.e. Rebecca Lace Top Nightshade

. DECOR @ The Arcade .
covered furniture sofa & couch, CHandelier 1 dark, frames 1 & 3, haunted piano, flower pots, creepy doll (modded) & it's library desk, books, steps, bookshelf 1 & 2
8f8 - Storyseller's Burrow: Study Set (38), Grandfather's Clock (25)
-tres blah- Eclectic Collection: Skull w/ Dark Roses, Globe (Classic)
-Pixicat- Bastet: Sphynx Cats (Lazy, Laying Down, Sprawl, Sit)

{anc} mist cloud [sungold]

. POSES . 
ROQUAI's Kaldera 1-3 & Group Gift Mainstore | MP
Release: 2015/09/05

. pics by ROQUAI .

The Arcade 2015/9/1 - 30th
We <3 RP 2015/9/4 - 30th