Stabat Mater

. Stabat Mater .
- feat. DRD -

To the battlefields, Death Row Design calls the roleplayers.
So Joanna dressed up apocalyptically to follow their call.
ROQUAI gecko lamp watch (human)

At We <3 RP, -DRD- presents in September for one the "Battle Tower" (19Li, c/m) and for two the "Battering Ram" (13Li, c/m). Both items can have the Li reduced as they're resized to a smaller size. On the picture, the items had a weight of 2-3 prims, once they had been separated from the invisible prims and armors you see in the back. I absolutely love with how much care the -DRD- crew creates their items. Always well textured and thoughtfully put together.
The outfit as well is most by -DRD-. A mix-match of the "apocalyptic" and the "steampunk" outfit, which had been a gacha at the spring ARCADE.

-DRD-Looks - apocalypse (scarf, pants, armbands, gasmask)
-DRD-Looks - steampunk (skirt, top)
.:.*Queen's*:.  Helmet Royal Death
(epia) - Leather Gloves

<LUI> grave stones [Mesh]
tarte. raincloud light (gacha)
{anc} mist cloud

. POSE .

We <3 RP 2015/9/4 - 30th

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