#109 Crimson fishing for Compliments

. Crimson fishing for Compliments .
- feat. [ keke ], Zibska, NAMINOKE & PoseFair'16 -

We're about to reach the last previews for the Pose Fair in 2016. But before, I'd like to comment on the shot below ;o)
ROQUAI crim kneel 2M (mirror pose) @ PoseFair'16

The pose, is as seen a kneel, which I've rotated a bit for the shot. You might notice the right arm melting slightly into the knee, but don't worry, it is just because the used shape, to make the swimsuit fit ;o)

The glassy elements, like the bottles and the glass Jo sits in, are a creation of [ keke ] for TLC. At the event you'll find also a bottle with a flower and a tray cart, all low in Li.

The fishies are out of the "DEMEKIN" gacha collection by *NAMINOKE*. There are several different sets to win. Some with animations and others without. The legged once really got me laughing and I think everyone should go for a try to fetch him-/herself one like these.
Also by Taiko (*N*) are the "Oakleaf hydrangea" at Jo's cheeks, wrist and arms. There are 3 different colors at a special opening price available at the moment.
To complete the blossoms, *LODE* was added as headdress and - wear.

To go with a matching make-up, Zibska flew in a new release just in time. The eyeshadow is called "Elise" and comes as well as an applier for Lelutka, TMP, Catwa and Omega. A matching lipstick set has been released as well. Both can be found at TLC.

Zibska Elise (Applier) @ TLC
*LODE* Head Accessory - Blossoms [lilac white] & Melody [vintage rose]
*NAMINOKE*Oakleaf hydrangea Head Dress L & R White & Forearm W&P @ WLR
:V.e. Carmen Ruffled One Piece Swimsuit

*NAMINOKE*DEMEKIN with Legs #Panda, (no anim) B, C, D, E #AkaPanda & A #RED @ Whim
[ keke ] hard to find - glass of water & bottle of spring water @ TLC
{anc} ripple. oil .

Whimpsical - over!
We <3 RP 2016/03
The Liaison Collaborative 2016/03/07 - 30th
PoseFair'16 2016/03/12 - 26th