Point of Life

. Point of Life .
- feat. Zibska, Moon Elixir, AZOURY, -DRD-, [ keke ] & E.V.E -

Lots of new stuff is available at the TSA. Find i.e. the new Moon Elixir "Sparrow" outfit. A cute to sexy outfit for her with several parts, coming in more than one color. Curious? Call up the link within the credits ;o)
While you are there and if you are living the delicious arts of love, then you should take a closer look at DRDs "iron filigree bed". There is a dark and a light version available with more than just one animation to get excited about ^o^
My shiny planet in the back of the picture, is one of E.V.Es big bubbles in gold. You can get all kinds of colors and create wonderful things with them. Noke did a great job making those.
 flickr view on click ;o)
ROQUAI crim stand @ Pose Fair'16

A closer look (just click the pic) reveals a colorful touch of Zibska in Jo's face. "Citra" for the smoke-poppy eyes and "Stunna" for the lips were chosen and are presented at the Skin Fair. The colors are great for any spring outfits or those that don't mind the attention.

The "Salome hatt" is also by Azoury and is a new gacha at TG with a set of chic new highheels.

To finish up the new releases of the frenchies (pssst.. Azoury), take your men to the MoM and surprise him and perhaps even yourself with the new necklace "Cel" (it comes for him & her). A nicely worked out bunch of chains and a clock, shall make sure then, he never gets lost, or you ;o)

Hop over to Remarkable and get yourself some [ keke ] glitter. I've used it in a previous post already, but now much better it is seen in the chosen WL. Make yourself a starry sky in the bedroom or build a shimmery path. I already love them and you'll see them more often in my posts, am sure.

Zibska ~ Citra Eyemakeup (applier) @ SF'16
Zibska ~ Stunna Lips (applier) @ SF'16
MOON // Hair // Group // Gift - Paper Cuts II
AZOURY - Necklace Cel  [Female] @ MoM
AZOURY - Salome Hat Milk @ TG
Moon Elixir - Sparrow (full outfit) @ TSA
AZOURY - Anasazis Sandal (Brown)

DRD iron filigree bed (bondage-adult) light @ TSA
[ keke ] bokeh glitter big - gold @ RO
E.V.E {M/C} Big Bubble {Gold Translucent} @ TSA
Kalopsia - Flying Paper
{anc} mannequin. paper
Meadow Patch - Poppies-Blue-large
*alirium* PuffyGrass [Green]

PoseFair'16 2016/03/12 - 26th
SKIN FAIR 2016 2016/03/02 - 27th
Men Only Monthly 2016/03/20 - 04/05
The Secret Affair 2016/03/15 - 31st
The Gathering 2016/03