#112 Crimson-Collection-Gacha

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Pose Fair 2016 - GACHA

EDIT: RELEASE available now @ MP / IW

- It's Pose Fair time! -
The waiting has ended and the next two weeks are all about the posers and animators. 
As special as the event is, I've thought to make an Limited Exclusive this year.
The collection has 8 Commons, 2 sets of RARES and 2 of ULTRA RARES.
Fitting-Shapes for Girls and Boys are included, too.
 view on FLICKR
- The Crim.Bushes -
... are material enabled meshes, which come each with a set of 4 poses. There are 4 kinds available: "NATURE", "SNOW", "NIGHT" and "RUSH". First two come as a set of 6 and are the simple ones.
The other two bush sets go as ULTRARARES. Additionally the texture can be switched from light to dark and particles can be turned on/off.  Only of the 6 bushes are included in the gacha. Note: As you resize the Li and the particle effect will change.

#6.Night/Rush is the only bush with no particles and is available as GIFT with Pose at the time of the Fair.
 view on flickr
pick it up @ the MAINSTORE
 view on flickr
pick it up @ the FAIR

As big as the collection is and due the limited bushes, there will be the possibility to have the transferable items exchanged into copyable versions. Send me a folder that has your name as title with the items inside. I shall take care of it as soon as possible.

* Due safety, do NOT SEND BOXES unless there is no way around! Folders never get capped. *

If you feel like exchanging your common doubles for a different common, please add the info about that change in a notecard.

The retired gacha may return temporary once a year on special holidays or anniversary. Others are/will be available at the shop as copy versions, but without the as limited stated props/poses.

Pose Fair 2016/03/12 - 26th
Pose Fair 2016
Big picture board will give demos on pose balls, to it's right is the Gacha-Play w. the limited bushes to win & on the left side is one of the 2 Gifts.


Happy posing & much inspiration!