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- feat. Azoury, Moon Elixir, Zibska, [keke] & The Arcade -

Summertime and look what we got! As there are too many fabolous releases out at the moment, let's not drift away and enjoy some insides and their credits :o)
 flickr view
ROQUAI peter 4 @ MP (demo IW)

Summed up there is lots and lots of wonderful decoration at The Arcade and for it's Photography Contest, yesh am gonna try my luck, I'd gathered some of my favorite collections at this round by Dust Bunny, *Drot*, Mutresse, {anc} and [Black Bantam] of which you'll see some items above.

Aside from the famous gacha event, there are many others still running and about to come.
In line, find AZOURY's "Dokan Helmet" at the WLRP in June and the "Coraliz Shoe & Harness" on the MP within the BNSL, Zibska's "Frankie Sangue" creative outfit for the BAH2 at her store and Moon Elixir's Gachas "Coven" (still available at the FGC for another 4 days) and "Lush" at the MBA.

As there is lots to discover, follow the links within the credits, to learn more about the great releases. :o)
AZOURY - Dokan Helmet [Black&Red] @ WLRP
Zibska - Frankie Sangue (Hunt-Gift) @ BAH2
Apple May Designs - Sweetheart Panties & Pasties - Red
Moon Elixir - Coven & Lush @ FGC & MBA
AZOURY - Coraliz Shoe&Harness @ BNSL

Mutresse - In heat & Intimidating-Witty Cats @ TA
*Drot* - Satans little Helper- Graceful Sit & Hanging Around @ TA
dust bunny . wanderlust: ivy apothecary cabinet, belted pillows, book planter, rope swing, apple pie @ TA
{anc} forget. Swallow [maronnbrown] @ TA
[Black Bantam] Invisible Secret Garden Gate @ TA
Bliensen + MaiTai - Campanula - Staff/Lantern - fire & red
[ keke ] flower circle - 1 LI - blue
Kalopsia - Flying Paper
{anc} happyendpark. lawn carpet (S) 2Li
Bee Animated - Mesh
E.V.E - Ivy Tree M02 (Dystopia)
{anc} I'm planet / melt moon. 
{anc} nebra beads & mist cloud [sungold]

The Arcade 2016/6
Fantasy Gacha Carnival 2016/5/7th - 6/7th
Mesh Body Addicts 2016/5/10th - 6/10th
We <3 RP 2016/6/4th - 31st
Body Art Hunt II 2016/6/1st - 31st