. Tessellate .
- feat. Moon Elixir, [keke], TLC, Azoury & Zibska -
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ROQUAI's boxer girl (pv)

Awake the fighter in you as C4 goes into the next round. It is Moon Elixir, who has stepped in the ring, bringing the fabulous "Gym Class Honey" outfit for the girls. The pic shows the top and shorts. Gloves are not included. Find many colors and options to wear and change.

Inspired, I have started to work on a new pose series for her and him. There will be soon a release for all the fighters out there, just stick close to not miss it ;o)

Some time ago, AZOURY made a great matching helmet, the "DarkLove", which I've had no chance to use till now. - Must know, am more the one that rather lets go of a fresh release, than to go with a half-hearted post. - It is available in several colors and should be out at their mainstore by now.

The make up was of course provided by Zibska. For the eyes, we've used one of the "Noire Pack vol 5" appliers (a beautiful set w. several different looks in black) and for the lips Zib's latest release for Uber, the "Flore", a two shaded lips applier with great shadings of colors.
Tessellate (pv)
Old and new was used from [keke] as decor. Find parts (table, plates, water bottles, mint plant and stick w. cloths) within Kelly's "hard to find vol 2", "water bottles" and the "a day at the beach" collection. Last is part of the wonderful gacha, she made for the Arcade.

The "cormoran" is one of the newest releases by TLC. A wonderful store, if it comes to animals (mesh). There are two types of the bird available, a sitting and a drying. All have movements and are really low in Li and script weight. The authentic well designed creations, make their wildlife a "must-have" for any nature lover in my point of view. ... Pssst, they are looking for dedicated bloggers atm!

Moon Elixir - Gym class honey (top, shorts) @ C4
Azoury - DarkLove
Zibska - Noir Pack Vol 5 (eyes) 
Zibska - Flore (lips) @ Uber
Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial hair \ Demure - Natural dye
[FPU] Mesh Boxing Gloves, Red (careful! other colors might not have the permissions as stated & need fixing by the creator!)

[keke] a day at the beach (stick w. cloth) @ TA
TLC cormoran (drying) @ CP
[keke] hard to find vol.2 (table, plates, plant)
dust bunny . wanderlust . blanket ladder

Chapter 4 2016/6/4 - 21st
Cosmopolitan 2016/6/6th - 18th
Uber 2016/5/25th - 6/23rd
The Arcade 2016/06