SL13 Birthday Special

. SL13 - Birthday Special .
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Second Life has it's 13th year and invites resoundingly everyone to the celebrations. Find many exciting and truly stunning builds, based on the wonderful theme "The Shared Adventure". Float in memories of old times and be astonished about the new. The birthday festivities are a great chance to spend a fun time at exhibitions, listen to some of the top musicians and more.
- something fun and exciting -
A wonderful scripter, Torgon Woodget, invited me to join in a building project for the days and hell yes, I was happy to assist him with my wrappings.
SL13 - TDS Space Ride
The idea was to create something fun and exciting, like second life itself. But also, in a metaphorical way, to remind one from where we come from and the dreams of the future.
Find the rollercoaster ride at Incredible.
- "times of the dinosaurs" -
Am not one of the oldest residents inworld, but within my 5 years, there have been big changes and developments. Have you ever met a real old resident and listened to the stories? To me it sounds kinda like "the first step on the moon" or like "times of the dinosaurs" even, when the prim was born.
SL13 {Wanders Nowhere}
- evolution makes no hold -
Well, evolution makes no hold even in digital worlds. Not infrequently changes come first with big protests, but after plenty of bug fixes, one tends to get adjusted and would not be able to imagine the life without.
SL13 Livio Korobase
- beautiful minds -
Not only as a sim designer as Joanna Corith, but also as a little creator of poses, I've found much pleasure and above all JOY, in sharing my visions with the world and it's many cultures, to be part in something where society has invented itself new and to learn with one and another, not only in a technical manner, but to get insights in many beautiful minds.
SL13 Mistero Hifeng
- future's path -
We shall not know where the future's path will lead us, but we will end up somewhere. That's for sure!
SL13 MadPea

Happy Birthday!
Yours Joanna Corith

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