#15 The 3 little Cupids: No Hear, No Speak, No See (v.3)

Hello there again! After the Making-Off, here now comes the final work and presentation of the 3 little cupids that just don't want to hear, speak nor see. I hope you like it!

ROQUAI's little Cupids - No Hear No Speak No See

The "ROQUAI's little Cupids - No Hear No Speak No See" is a release coming for the ToddleeDoo Mesh Baby Avatar by Bit McMillan and is Version 3 of the "No Hear No Speak No See".

Lets have a closer look at them now:

ROQUAI's little Cupids - No Hear

"ROQUAI's little Cupid No Hear" (left side) has it's hands close to the head, covering the ears. Looking like a little stubborn fellow on this one, don't you think?

ROQUAI's little Cupids - No Speak

The princess of this group is our sitting precious "ROQUAI's little Cupid No Speak". Isn't she cute, how she tells us to just hush!?

ROQUAI's little Cupids - No See

Last but not least in the row of 3, is our little rocker "ROQUAI's little Cupid No See". He made sure to let us know, his hair took quiet a fortune of styling and now he hides shyly, just peaking through his fingers..... Well, well......

ROQUAI's little Cupids - No Hear No Speak No See 2

Fitting the shape: The original shape will be perhaps a bit big. I was working with a head size of up to 7 and a head stretch of 22.

Music that inspired me:

Summing up: The series contains the poses only. All are copy.

Wishing you a fun time with these 3 fellows!
Ratings & feedback are of course appreciated. Thank you!

Pictures: ROQUAI
Models: Catchafire Shilova, DonAmbio, ROQUAI - with many thanks!
Pose: ROQUAI's little Cupids - No Hear No Speak No See
Released: 2014/02/18