#16 The 3 Doll Cupids: No Hear, No Speak, No See (v.1)

ROQUAI Doll Cupids - No Hear See Speak 1

This series of poses is based on a custom request by Catchafire Shilova

"ROQUAI's Doll - No Hear No Speak No See" is made to fit the COCO BJD Mesh Avatar by cocoro Lemon and is Version 1 of the "No Hear No Speak No See".

We zoom in a bit for the details:

"ROQUAI Doll No Hear" comes in two different versions. First with the head once slightly lifted and tilt...

ROQUAI Doll Cupids - No Hear 1

... and second, with a more straight head position.

ROQUAI Doll Cupids - No Hear 2

"ROQUAI Doll No See" has no eyelid-shutter, but the hands covering the googles, while leaving some little space to go for a peak-shot, if wanted.

ROQUAI Doll Cupids - No See

"ROQUAI Doll No Speak" is presented to you by two pictures, but comes with one pose. It shows the differences, that could happen in the detailed work, if not the included shape is worn. We start of with the original shape that comes with the COCO Doll:

ROQUAI Doll Cupids - No Speak 2

It got a tiny bit edited as a nail of the hand was showing through the nose.

Now, same pose, but different shape, which of course is included in the pose-pack itself:

ROQUAI Doll Cupids - No Speak 1

As we compare the images, both will work, but some editing might be needed. Along a "hush/psst" can turn more into a "whisper". I just wanted to state it out, as it was my mistake to not have changed the shapes while making the poses :o)

Catcha (right side) did her shot with the original COCO Shape:

The regained values

A lot depends of course from the angle and distance you shoot. Go ahead and experiment and as I'm natural curious, post your work (free of charge) in the ROQUAI Flickr-Group :O)

While Catcha was working, I took this one on her set....

ROQUAI Doll Cupids - No Hear See Speak 3

Enough of the feathers. Here come the CREDITS

Pose-Idea: Catchafire Shilova
Setting: Catchafire Shilova
Pictures: Catchafire Shilova, ROQUAI
Models: Catchafire Shilova, DonAmbio, Joanna Corith with many thanks!
Pose: ROQUAI's Doll - No Hear No Speak No See
Released: 2014/02/24