A Making-Off: The Doll-Cupids

Okay, we remembered, we learned, but this time there was a SL shooting professional on board. HA!

Today, we assisted Catchafire Shilova and it was a great experience to see how someone else does those fabulous composed shots you get to see all the time. This as well is a special as Catcha was the one, that made me start working on the "No Hear/See/Speak" poses. Thank you for that!

 ... and this is the Making-Off of the picture shoot for version 1:

A few days earlier, her and Joanna met to check the outfits and to prepare the scene. It was interesting to see the changes, but I had the impression, that Catcha already had a certain vision of it.

ROQUAI Doll Cupids; Making-Off 1

When all was completed, it was time to put up those feet and buttys to get the shooting on.

ROQUAI Doll Cupids; Making-Off 2

By the way, the home of a photographer can be quiet interesting. You get to see lots of stuff in their yard. I got quiet curious to know what she is working on else as my eyes went flying over her land.

ROQUAI Doll Cupids; Making-Off 3

Those that know Catcha, will have recognized by now, she loooooooooves to work with water.

ROQUAI Doll Cupids; Making-Off 4

The effects you can get by shooting from below are pretty funny and I think, they could turn out to become a nice overlay while working with photoshop at some point. Ever tried it? Pssst! When she wasn't looking, me took a dive and got this one of her ^o^

ROQUAI Doll Cupids; Making-Off 5

Sitting still on a slippery rock can be for a doll quiet a challenge. All but Don got lucky to get a bath right before the picture-take-off. Joanna is so sore! She is whining since she is out of bed. Someone help me!

ROQUAI Doll Cupids; Making-Off 6

Now, we are very curious to see the artists final work. The ROQUAI release will follow after that. For now, you just need to stick with all those previews :o)