A Making-Off: Bat-Dolls

Every one knows, where is good, there must be bad as well :o)

ROQUAI Bat-Doll; Making-Off 1

At twilight time, we sneaked out to get the shooting on. On the set my two sweet sexy evil doll-models Alisa and Catcha and the bushy feathered Ci.

ROQUAI Bat-Doll; Making-Off 2

This time, we went on an already set-up place at Annwn Willows, which seemed to be just perfect for the final "No Hear No See No Speak" series.

ROQUAI Bat-Doll; Making-Off 3

It was my first time setting a doll up for a shoot and oooh booooy! Guys, seriously! If I would have known, what kind of work it is with the dolls, I prolly would have let this go to someone else.
But don't we love, what we do and just get it done with?!?

It took some time finding the right cloths and then getting the lights up right. Alisa, Catcha and Ci were very patient and assisted greatly. ( Did you know, at a professional photoshoot for fashion, the lights sometimes take a week to be right? Must say, I had the feeling it took us here about the same time.)
After the loong, loooong organization, we finally could start shooting and the pictures were in the box in a few.

ROQUAI Bat-Doll; Making-Off 4

Meanwhile the 3 had a great time getting not picked by the pelicans, that seemed to have taken a home spot on that small island, on which we worked. "They always say never work with animals!", Alisa said. One was quiet active and seemed to have found some interest in Catcha, as it was always circling her and would not want to sit still. ^o^

Well, well, well................
Up next, the post of the "No-Winged-Dolls" ;o)