A little Making-Off: The Cupids

Oh what days! Meaning all the mess that happens during the weekends. Actually it was quiet funny after all and I truly had a blast. Ok, but perhaps I should start with, that I'd planned to shoot the newest series of poses, but somehow I must have forgotten, that weekends at SL means, noooo shooting time. As you'll see the following pictures, you perhaps can imagine why.

ROQUAI's little Cupids; A Making-Off 1

So I had time 'nuff to prepare the setting and the lights and just had to keep fingers crossed, the weather will be fine, too.

ROQUAI's little Cupids; A Making-Off 2

Errr... right, no weather here to screw up a shoot. But still needed a nice night for the shots I had in mind.

ROQUAI's little Cupids; A Making-Off 3

The next release of ROQUAI will be a set of 3 poses for your little Toddleedoo Mesh Baby. Which has been now waiting for a couple of days as the bodies wouldn't want to rez right for me. But then the sweet monday came and look what happened........

ROQUAI's little Cupids; A Making-Off 4

... all was just fine and we could go nutz taking the wanted shots. Ooooops! Well, aye, some went the wrong direction.

ROQUAI's little Cupids; A Making-Off 5

After a couple of hooooouuuuuuurs of course, the right pictures were in the box. But since time won't stop running, you will have to wait another day at least, before I will be able to set up the set for the market and that you may hurry to get it yourself. ;O)

ROQUAI's little Cupids; A Making-Off 6

Wishing you a sparkling nighty night!

little R.

PS. Even the shot once got home save after all :O)