#83 Little Mermaid - ENCHANTMENT

The work is done, the sets completed!

"Set 1"
The set for the mermaid. Tested on JOMO and Gaeline Creation tails. 
All poses are designed to go with legs, too. 

"Set 2" 
This is the set for the villains. Tested on the Tideborns mesh Cecaelia tentacles.
Can go with fins and legs, too.

 "Set 3"
The special is the couple pose to which the mer and Erik will tangle up to.
As mermaid tails are quiet long, a ball version of Erik is also included.

 "Set AIO"
The All.In.One Set has it all.

All sets have shapes included.
EVENT-SPECIAL: Save 35 - 50% for the sets.

I'll hope you'll like the new release and will visit us! 

NOW available on Marketplace :o)

. Inspired by ATTALUS .