Riders On

"Riders on the storm, riders on the storm. Into this house we're born. Into this house we're thrown. .... There is a killer on the road..."

Remember that song from the Doors? Those were days, when music was actually written and something been told. But I shall not talk about music...
 "Riders On. The Storm" (pic above) is somehow a reminder of Nike, the glorious greek goddess for victory. What a humorous play and perhaps a bit sarcastic, to put her in a relation with the Little Mermaid's kraken queen Ursula, as all her evil plans seem to be doomed to fail. Though we've learned already, villains do not have a good stand in fairytales.
While I was playing with those great looking waterhorses by meadowworks, my thoughts went on enchanted roads and leaded me to another great tale of my childhood. You remember "The last Unicorn" from 1982? Man, I loved that story and the scene, when those unicorns come riding on the waves and that great devilish villain! One of my favourite quotes: "There are no happy endings, because nothing ends." So perhaps and after all, some day even Ursula will find her happiness. But we are not here to talk about movies either, we are here to review some of the latest arrivals at ENCHANTMENT.
After some troubles, *TSL* has been finally able to send in the "Ursula Gown". Honestly, I fell in love with it as my eyes first saw the demo build. The gown is brought to us as a Gacha and I really cannot tell which version I like most. For the pictures, I decided to go with "Poison". On the 2nd picture you can get an idea of the great yellow and blue it comes with. As an additional top, Joanna put on the great shiny scaled "Siren - Treasure" by Storybook and mix-machted it with some of the adds by Wicca's and the "Little Miss Lobster", which is another cool to check out outfit by the devious Mind. Joanna's neck adorns the "Sirena - Necklace" provided by Bliensen + Maitai. It comes with black/white pearls and a nicely made pendant in gold/silver. The headwear by AZOURY, I've mentioned in a previous post already. Not to forget to mention, there is a HUNT running. The eyes (I should have taken a closey), come from antielle. You'll find all designer's ADs a click away below or hop over to Nymphai right away, the event has one week left to run only!

antielle. Mermaid Eyes (Hunt Gift) - antielle. Mermaid Eyes Yellow @ ENCHANTMET 
AZOURY - Eledone  - Headwear @ ENCHANTMET
Bliensen + Maitai - Sirena - Necklace - black/gold @ ENCHANTMET
Storybook - Siren - Treasure @ ENCHANTMET
*TSL* Ursula Gown - Poison (UNCOMMON) @ ENCHANTMET
!dM deviousMind "Little Miss Lobster" - Lemon & Parsley Garnish @ ENCHANTMET
Wicca's Wardrobe - Spring Ivy

meadowworks - Waterhorse (limited FF 2015 item!)
{anc} ripple. oil & mist clouds

. POSE . 
ROQUAI little mer 1 @ ENCHANTMED

pics by ROQUAI
- Edit: colour adjustments, additional lensflare -

ENCHANTMENT 2015/8/15 - 9/4