#84 THE EMPs

It is more than about time to send the EMPs up to MP and set them out at the IW store.
From the CyoT series, the Empress and Emperor are now available after the event as either a set one for male, one for female or as some might prefer as single versions.

 ROQUAIs Empress
 ROQUAIs Empress

Both sets come with 3 static poses (seen on each picture), 3 stylecards of the images and the matching shape for easy fit.

Again all poses are copy, so as the stylecards... but the shapes are kept full-perm so you can pass them to your posing-partners.

I wish you lots of fun using them and may they bring you fantastic shots.


Pictures & Poses: ROQUAI
Release: 2015/08/18 The Emperor & The Empress (on MP) & IW