Woodpeckers from Space

Up up we go as the summer continues bringing awesome new releases to us.
The space café scenery is created by newest items from Gaagaa and Aki.
At the recent Fantasy Gacha, we'll find "The MoonStoneGacha" collection, a 50L$ play by .:~*Alchemist*~:. It has those steampunk like arcs in different colours, which I used as some kind of poles. They are 1Li if you keep them at their normal size, which would be about 1/2 the size of what you see on the picture. A shiny gem decorates the ends. I really like, the timeless design following the steampunk, leaving lots of room for creative usage. Same event but from {anc} we got the "I'm planet" series. It is a creative set, bringing two distance worlds together, the space and the sea. You've prolly seen those pictures were fish swarms conquer the air and peeps go for a ride on a saturn-like ring. Yesh, that's the one! Low in weight, Aki's items allow a greater increase of size, which makes them always fun to use as simple effective decor. Each item here comes as a rez and wear. Find some animated and with poses.
We got two more days before the Gacha Garden ends. There is some fun stuff to pic up.
Beautiful comes the "IceCreamGacha", again by Gaagaa. 9 pieces are there to collect and if you have a thing for sweets, this should not be missed in your collection. Some pieces are a bit higher in Li, but if you look at the details, it is worth a rez. The wagon in the back got around 19Li (flowers not included). It keeps different sorts of yummy looking ice-cream displayed. It also has some cool animations inside and by touch it even offers you a cone. Yaaaay, I say :o)
Also animated is the chair for the table (two colours). Its design reminded me a bit of the retro times. The tray placed on the table is a beauty to look at and Gaagaa made sure you stay refreshed once more as it serves ice endlessly. Num, num, num!
As we went for a stroll to space, we could not have missed to go without some nice tunes. Well, no... the "Noise Headphones" do not play any, but lets just imagine ;o) AZOURY came up recently with a bunch of new releases as their creativity would be endless. I know, i know... they are not so well seen on my shot, but in a cool rockabilly style the headphones come in different colours. Watch the description as resizing is a bit tricky. Pick them up at the running On9.
And Jo got a new favourite pair of shoes as she fly-dances through space. Available for Belezza, Maitreya and Slink the "subversion" heels are a must have for the artist. Extremely well textured, you shall now never misplace your paint brush as it will be with you with every step you take. I recommend taking a closer look at both items ADs, the details are truly stunning. The heels have had their release at last Shiny Shabby and am a few days late, but you should be able to pick them up at the designers mainstore yet or soon.
For the pose, I took advantage of my steady growing pose collection, choosing one part of the dance couple-poses released at the beginning of the year, "Dancer 4+5".
I hope you enjoyed my little trip to the Space Café.
Bon Appetite!

.:~*Alchemist*~:. IceCreamGacha @ The Gacha Garden
.:~*Alchemist*~:. MoonStoneGacha @ Fantasy Gacha
{anc} I'm planet @ Fantasy Gacha
{anc} FLOTTANTE nebra beads & mist clouds @ c88
LovedWarrior's 3D Flowers

[Uw.st -7R-]   Shiho-hair @ Hair Fair 2015 (gift)
AZOURY - Headphone Noise @ On9
A.D.D.Andel! Part of Your World Necklace @ ENCHANTMENT
-Pixicat- Dreamy.Dress - Cosmic @ c88
AZOURY - Subversion Heels @ The Shiny Shabby

. Pose & Pic .
ROQUAI dancer 4

collabor88 2015/8/8 - 9/6
The Gacha Garden 2015/8/1 - 22nd
On9 2015/8/9 - 28th
Shiny Shabby 2015/8/20 - 9/15
Enchantment @ 2015/8/15 - 9/4
The Fantasy Gacha 2015/8/6 - 9/12