#80 O The Depths

"O The Depths" (pic below) giving another 2-in-1 preview. Jo and her sis mollied up a bit as there is nothing about some good curves. Deep under the sea we'll find some of those stunning new cloths and decor to come with Enchantment. Just 4 more days.
ROQUAI for The little Mermaid - Enchantment (pv)
There will be this very nice coral-tentacled headwear and "Ursula's" babies by aisling, those corsets by FDD and the seashells by :[P]:. A bit late for the event, but still a sweet add for every antique or older place, we'll also finally got the .:~*Alchemist*~:. LetterSet AntiqueTable, which was made for Julys Cosmopolitan.

. featured ITEMS .
.:~*Alchemist*~:. LetterSet AntiqueTable&Letter LightWood @ Cosmopolitan July 2015
.:Soul:. Syreni - HeadFins @ Enchantment Aug. 2015
FDD Stories *Little Mermaid* Gacha @ Enchantment Aug. 2015
.aisling. Calypso (headwear) & Caly's Babies @ Enchantment Aug. 2015 
:[P]:- The Ursula Sea Decor @ Enchantment Aug. 2015

Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara 3.3
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 (Set 3)

.Olive. - Hair Fair 2015 - Gift - the Steamer
[sYs] BIRDY Hair - Sygne

ERSCH-Ursula-Pink-Set Bracelets
!dM deviousMind "Lamia" Trident **LEMON FISH**

(TB)Cecaelia-animated tentacles black

{anc} bubbles | Botanical Green Kelp Forest Set | nordari. box

Pose & Picture by ROQUAI