Oh Crab

It can be sooo annoying, the waiting. I know, right? I don't know about you, but I called an early weekend and sat down on my little skyspace to put together a little setting about newest releases at Enchantment. Lemme tell you one thing.... As I looked through the boxes, there are some really awesome things to come, like this cute fellow that invaded Joanna on the rocks.
ROQUAI for The little Mermaid (little mer 4) @ - Enchantment

We all know him by the name Sebastian, put always in charge by King Triton to watch over his youngest daughter Ariel. [SWaGGa] did fantastic thinking of bringing him to us to SL. He comes in 7 styles (static) as a Happy Gacha.

But there is more like...
The beautiful tail "Urseus" and the headpiece "Ursula" is brought to us by Plastik, the floaty "Pearl" hair was made by .Olive. and Zibska created a set named "Caliste" of which Joanna wears the collar. Clemmm lets us look deep into the eyes of the mermaids, while "Unwanted Fog" shall not harm the "Unkin". Smexy work has been done by [Glitzz], who created the simple but beautiful looking Coral treasures covering Joanna's nips. And a mer would not be a mer without a scaly skin. The Wicked Peach created the "Les Poissons" for Tattoo, Maitreya, Slink and Omega.

The melted moon in the back is made by Aki. You'll find it at the recent FGC.

Ha! Look at the time! We are almost there..... Hope you enjoyed my little post in between.
I wish you all a merly time at ENCHANTMENT.