#85 SKYE, special release

(5 static poses (copy), 2 set up also as couples (c/m), Teddy (m/t))
- special release -

Life is a terrible awful beauty. We all share it's oddities. Perhaps because of that, we feel touched special, if we get reminded how limited it can be. People that know me a bit better, already know my work in SL is mostly connected to personal emotions and thoughts. For long, I had this release in mind, but somehow I never felt its time. Then, a couple days ago, the sad message in SL reached me about a mother loosing her child. "Skye" is one of the very personal releases. One for a friend, a parent, a work-college, but also for all those children in memory we had to say good-bye to.
Often we are missing time, seldom have possibilities to talk and then there is the respect of our RL privacy, but is there always the need to know about our RL by word? Also as we think of SL being a "break from RL" for some. 
I believe, we express our life happenings even in SL all the time and it is a great medium doing so. We communicate without words and sometimes, especially when there are even non to be found, we go create pictures, places, items. 

My dear Roxi, this release shall be my gift to you and your family. As the necklace, for now, it's proceeds will all go to you to help with the expenses, to buy a flower or else. Above all, still its main purpose is to pass loving thoughts, strength, friendship. To be a reminder, a helper for times like these.

My special Thank You goes to Skippy. I could not have thought of any better boy than him to shoot these pictures. His character, play- and thoughtful, wandering through the pixel world with curious eyes, is always an adventure to have around. Thank you, dear Skippy. You did very well! 

For all the missing words.

Roquai / Joanna

. PS .
My poses are always released with a song, which I find suitable for the emotions, I feel to express. For the three above we got:

Items: {anc} FLOTTANTE nebra beads & mist clouds, stairs by ROQUAI (not available)
Pictures & Pose: ROQUAI; no edit, but a few tiny blends been added.
Release: 18. Aug. 2015 - "ROQUAI's SKYE", special release available IW only at Nymphai for a limited time at 150L$ (50% off)!

. PPS .
As you visit, light a candle in memory.
You can also find a very special necklace, which proceeds as well go 100% to Roxi.
Please, also do not forget to respect her privacy during these days.
Thank You!