#79 Unfortunate Souls

We go for another example of the "2 in 1" poses. A couple of days ago I was sending this kraken preview out....
... same pose but without the tentacles ...
ROQUAI for The little Mermaid - Enchantment (pv)
... you'll find yourselves kneeling. For the faces I used the AnyPose Hud. A great tool that lets you change your expressions. Remember it is not working on mesh heads. The poses all come "virgine" with no expressions, nor are any other parts of the body animated.

My featured item of "Unfortunate Souls", the new bottom pic, is the "Amazon Headwear" by -DRD-. Its release is this saturday for the 8/8 event. You'll find it at Death row Designs Mainstore.
Neatly designed, it's made out of colourful feathers with an ancient scull on top.  There are several colours to choose from. Click the close-up and find it's AD. For my picture, I mixed it with some headfins + HUD (multiple option to change the look) by .:Soul:.. A pretty cool add for sea-people, which will be released at upcoming Enchantment. Another release for the event are those shoulder plates by Les Encantades, they are part of the Sea Witch outfit and the glowing necklace (not so well seen, I know) by Gaeline. Last comes with different options to change colours, glow and brightness.

My special Thank You goes to Claudia222 Jewell. The wonderful souls (mermaids) were a gift by her, I could not miss to use. Claudia is known from several sim art installations. She was one of the first to present the great possibilities of mesh ("Mesh Mellows"). I totally adore her work and talent. Latest project, if I did not got it wrong, is with Bryn Oh, Marcus Inkpen and many more. Have a search for The Path and pay a visit as long as it is on.

. featured ITEMS .
.:Soul:. Syreni - HeadFins @ Enchantment Aug. 2015
*LE* Witch of the Seas  Octopus Shoulders @ Enchantment Aug. 2015
*GA* Jewels Celeste Necklace @ Enchantment Aug. 2015 

Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara 3.3
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 - Elegant (Set 3)

-DRD- Amazon Headdress
Zyn ~ Sea Kelp Horns
{aii} + Forest Witch Hair HUD 1 (wear me) + @ TFC July 2015
*MC* "Falsies" Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD - Pack1
Zibska ~ Via Lashes No. 01 
Mayfly - Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Ecru Yellow)

.Enfant Terrible. Magic Ride Dress Green

Zibska [Promo] ~ Edera Deux | JOMO Skull Knife Halloween gift | [The Forge] Hawk Bracers (Group Gift), Black | AnyPose Expression HUD v1.0

222 small mermaid in flower + others (not on MP) | {anc} bubbles | JOMO Stone pillar | Botanical Green Kelp Forest Set | Ariskea [ Porcelain]The driftwood Pendant 2 & Driftwood 2 | Skye Rocky Outcrop

- PS: I might should say, there are no LMs to locations, 
as I build most scenes up on my platform ;o) -

Pose & Picture by ROQUAI