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Close your eyes, imagine yourself in a great hall filled with bookshelves. From somewhere a wind got inside, along it brought some leaves. Just for a moment they dance. Take in a deep breath. Don't you love that smell?
Our designers from AZOURY, DRD and Alchemist have been busy again. AZOURY participates in the new event called Illusion Point and designed, in two colours two choose out from, those fancy feathered earmuffs named "Plume". From DRD we got that 5 row necklace "Anarchy", screaming for attention, which is available at the TFC. Alchemist heads meanwhile for the sins. His new collection "Relics of Lezard", is a mixed set, a reminder of the Steampunk and the Art Nouveau days. The pictures show the bookshelf, which has 6Li. Have a look at the provided ADs (links at credits) by the designers to find out more ;o)
AZOURY - Earmuffs - PLUME @ Illusion Point
-DRD- Anarchy necklace @ TFC
*LODE* Face Accessory - Leila [brown]
:V.e. Dark Nymph Gown Sea @ TFC

.:~*Alchemist*~:. Relics of Lezard Gacha - Bookshelf (6Li) @ Festival of Sin II
#He La & ROQUAI# Carpet Blinded Hurt (4Li)
{anc} mist clouds

With a special thank you to Kalopsia, who was so kind to pass me those wonderful Flying Leaves.

. Pose & Pics .
ROQUAI tarot magician 4
- taken as seen -

Festival of Sin 2015/8/22 - 9/5
Illusion Point 2015/8/24 - 9/18
The Fantasy Collective 2015/8/22 - 9/15